How To Tell If Someone Is Wearing A Wig

Wigs are not only a blessing method for people who suffering from hair loss, they can also help people change their hairstyle in a short period of time without damaging their natural hair. However, as the wig industry advances and develops, it is sometimes hard to tell whether a person is wearing a wig. Today, in this article will share some tips to help you identify whether others are wearing wigs.

how to distinguish if someone is wearing a wig

How To Tell If Someone Is Wearing A Wig

1. Observe Hairline and Hair Roots
Hairline is the easiest place to determine if a person is wearing a wig. You can look in the mirror and observe your natural hairline. It is usually irregular in shape and some of the hair will be shorter or sparse. The hairline of most machine made wigs is usually neat and the edges are relatively obvious. If a persons’ hairline looks perfectly, doesn't have any gaps. He/She is probably wearing a wig. In addition, the hair roots is also an obvious identification place. The roots of natural hair will have natural changes in growth direction and density. While some cheaper wigs have a very unnatural connection between the roots and the wig cap, you can easily see the flaws.
observe hairline and roots
That’s why lace wigs, especially HD lace wigs, are chosen and favored in recent years. Lace wigs are made very precisely, with the patch of lace imitating the human scalp. When making them, workers manually thread each hair strand through the holes in the lace, creating the illusion that hair is growing directly from the scalp. The most common lace wigs on the market now are divided into transparent lace wig and HD lace wig. Transparent lace material is thicker and not easily damaged, which is more obvious when viewed at close range. A high-quality HD lace wig(super thin and clear) can melt perfectly with your scalp, plus using some installation techniques can make your hairline very natural. The wigs worn by the actors in the movie are basically lace wigs, which can be fake and real even when faced with high-definition cameras. If you are unable to rely on this judgment, there are other auxiliary techniques you can use. You can refer to this article to get a general understanding of wigs so that you can tell whether others are wearing wigs in details: 10 Different Wig Types Explanation.

2. Observe Hair Condition
It is difficult to keep the texture of natural hair consistent. If you have long hair, you can observe that the hair ends are prone to dryness and split ends. The hair roots are affected by the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands of the scalp, which is more nutritious and easier to become greasy than the hair ends. Especially in hot weather, after exposure to the sun, the hair at the scalp will be soaked with sweat, and the hair at the tips will become frizzy due to excessive heat.

The texture of wigs is usually more consistent. Even a human hair wig made of 100% virgin human hair looks smooth but lacks some natural changes in texture after a day. Especially synthetic hair wigs, which tend to be highly reflective and produce an unnatural gloss under light, making them very easy to distinguish.
wig hair texture contrast
3. Degree of Wig Attachment
Some wigs, such as headband wigs and mesh cap wigs, are prone to slipping after strenuous exercise. I believe you have also read such news. In addition, the wig cap is too large or not fixed in place, which can also cause the wig to slip easily.

If you are a wig wearer, you want to keep your hair fixed on your head and not be easily noticed. Please choose a wig with multiple anti-slip effects. For example, the popular composite product m cap glueless wig (100% human hair) this year, due to its fit to the head and built-in anti-slip design, the wig will not slip easily even when exercising or dancing. This wig also has a pre-plucked hairline, pre-cut 9x6 HD lace, bleached wig knots, so that you have a seamless hairline. At the same time, the wig cap is made of highly breathable fabric that imitates the curvature of the human head. It ensures comfortable wearing while ensuring a perfect appearance.
wig attachment
4. Frequency of Hairstyle Changes
Wearing a wig allows you to change it whenever you want, but dying and perming natural hair demands a recovery time. It is clear that someone is wearing a wig if they regularly change their haircut, especially to new colors and lengths.
hairstyle change frequency

Final Word

These methods can not only help you identify whether someone is wearing a wig, but also help you how to choose a natural wig so that others can't tell. However, it is worth noting that whether others are wearing a wig or not, respecting other people's choices is the most important thing.

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