How Long Does a Wig Install Last

Navigating the knowledge of wig installation is an important thing for beginners. Our team frequently receives inquiries about wig installation from consumers, especially since many people are confused about how long a wig install lasts. Read this blog to learn everything about wig installation and with a thorough understanding.

How long does a human hair lace wig install last

How to Install a Wig for Beginners

Step 1: Braid or twist your natural hair to form a flat and smooth surface for wearing a wig cap. To protect your natural hair and put on correctly, you can read this article as a reference: How To Put On A Wig Cap.

Step 2: Cutting ear tabs in your wig cap and tuck in any loose hair underneath the cap. Cleaning your forehead with an alcohol cotton pad to remove any makeup or oil residuals. Apply got2b freeze spray for the bald cap, after the spray is dry use an eyebrow trimming knife to scrape off excess cap stocking on the forehead. Dip some foundation powder which can match your skin tone with a makeup brush and apply to the forehead. Then apply wig glue to the hairline.

Step 3: Hold the wig with both hands, with the front of the wig facing you. Tilt your head slightly forward and place the front of the wig at your hairline. Gently slide the wig on from front to back. Use your fingers or a comb to adjust the wig's positioning. Make sure it sits evenly on your head and covers your natural hair completely.

Step 4: Pull your wig lace back and place your glue right onto or in front of your hairline. Smooth glue evenly to the hairline to make the skin fit the lace wig Then place the lace onto the glue while holding the sides of the lace down, and blow dry with cool air.

Step 5: Cut the excess lace as close to whatever parts of the lace did not get glued down in a zig-zag shape to create a natural look. Wear a melting band on your hairline, Styling your hair. Gently comb or brush the wig to style it as desired. Clean up any excess glue with alcohol.

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How Long Does It Take to Install a Wig

Generally, adhesive methods installation takes time ranging from 1-3 hours. This process includes braiding your natural hair, plucking hairline, and cutting the lace until finished styling. Straight and short hair takes longer than curly and long hair Install.

How Long Does a Wig Install Last

The duration of a wig installation can vary based on the method used and various individual factors. Glue/adhesive methods typically last between 2-6 weeks. Wear go glueless wig, on the other hand, are designed for daily use and can be easily removed. Ultimately, the longevity of your wig installation depends on the quality of the application, the products used, and your daily activities. Here are some factors affecting the duration of wig installation:

1. Individual Factor
Individual differences such as scalp oiliness, and skin sensitivity can impact the lifespan of a wig installation. Those with oilier scalps might experience a quicker adhesive breakdown, while highly active individuals might experience more friction and wear on the wig.

2. Quality of Wig
The quality of the wig, adhesive, and other products used during installation plays a crucial role in its longevity. Investing in high-quality wigs and adhesives can extend the lifespan of the installation. Cheap or subpar products may cause the wig to loosen or degrade more quickly, leading to a shorter installation duration.

3. Lifestyle
If you often need to participate in outdoor activities or manual work, then the lasting time of your wig will be shorter. Sweat and oil from exercise will speed up the dissolution of wig adhesive.

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Wig Installed

The cost of getting a lace front wig installed can vary widely based on several factors. These include the skill and reputation of the stylist, the location of the hair salon or your city, and the complexity of the desired wig hairstyle.

On average, adhesive installations might cost anywhere from $50-$300 for each time at a hair salon store. Due to the additional cost and travel time required to seek a hair stylist to install a wig, many people will choose to install it by themselves referring to online videos. The cost of buying the tools needed to install a wig at home is about 100-200$, and the price is not low, but these are tools that can be used for a long time, such as tweezers, scissors, wig glue, hot combs, etc. With the right steps and tools, it is not a tough thing. 

The cost and time required to install a wig can be exhausting. This is one of the reasons why wear and go glueless wigs have become popular recently, it does not need to be installed with glue, and they do not need to be plucked and cut the lace. All the things are prepared so that you can install them by yourself at home.
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Wig installation is an important part of achieving natural looks and boosts your confidence. And maintenance involved is crucial to prolong your wig service life. With correct installation and care, you can enjoy your wig to the fullest, looking fabulous with every wear.

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