Already Prepared: Revitalize Your Look with Pre-Everything Wig

For enthusiasts of human hair lace wigs, the path to achieving a natural and revitalized look typically requires customized meticulous steps. But what if I told you that a revolutionary solution has arrived? Introducing CurlyMe Hair's Pre-Everything Wig – your express lane to a flawless and rejuvenated aesthetic.

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What Does Pre-Everthing Wig Mean?

For wig wearers, the steps of cutting extra lace, plucking the hairline, and skillfully bleaching wig knots are indispensable and crucial for achieving a more natural look. However, for some beginners, executing these three tasks perfectly can be challenging, and getting a custom wig from a professional private hair salon often comes with a hefty price tag. Considering the needs and convenience of many consumers, CurlyMe Hair has upgraded its wear go glueless wig series(no need any adhesives to install), introducing the innovative Pre-Everything Wig.

A Pre-Everything wig means that all these essential steps have been pre-customized by professional stylists at the factory, freeing your hands and saving you both time and effort, as well as being budget-friendly. What’s more, featuring Swiss HD lace, the wig can seamlessly match with various skin tones. The lace size has been upgraded to 9x6 inches, allowing for bold parting choices akin to lace frontal wigs but at a more accessible cost. Additionally, the wig cap has undergone a remarkable transformation with the introduction of the revolutionary M-Cap design. This design not only mimics your forehead contour but also features a C-shaped ear design, ensuring a comfortable fit with the inclusion of an anti-slip elastic band and removable combs. These enhancements elevate your wearing experience to the next level. So, it was also called Pre-Max Wig. Pre-Everything is not confined to pre-cut HD lace, a pre-plucked hairline, and pre-bleached knots; it symbolizes limitless beauty possibilities.

curlyme hair upgraded pre-everything human hair wig

Top 5 Pre-Everything Wigs Recommendation

1. Silky Straight Glueless Pre-Everything Wig 8-32 Inches Available

straight hair m-cap wig

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Mika F. 2024/1/9
I love the removable clips I took them off because I don’t use them. I love the shape and the M-cap design with the ear curves is awesome it makes the wig so comfortable. The elastic band is great my wig is secured. The lace is amazing as well I’ve been getting so many compliments at work!

Calandra E. 2024/1/8
I received my package on time. I got the 18-inch glueless straight wig. It’s beautiful and silky. It fits well with combs and bands. It also came with lashes, an edge band, and an edge brush & comb. No shedding or no smell! It’s a good-to-go wig!! You don’t have to do anything to it but put it on. I used a little concealer & melt spray... I will order more glueless wigs!!

2. Kinky Curly Pre-Everything Wig 8-32 Inches Available
kinky curly pre-bleached wig


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Jasmine O. 2023/12/31
Love this wig!!!! This is my first glueless wig. To be honest it’s my first wig period. I was skeptical at first because when I first heard of this website it was through influencers on YouTube and a lot of people were saying only influencers get the best wigs, which in this case was not true! All you have to do is use some mousse, a leave-in, and a shingle method and you’re good to go. Hair is full and so much beautiful in person. Will be purchasing another wig soon.

Brittney 2023/12/27
If you’re new to curly hair..this is the best hair to start with. Very little shedding and very soft! I will be buying it again.

3. Water Wave M-Cap Wear Go Pre-Everything Wig
water wave wear go pre max wig

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Dana P. 2023/12/27
I purchased the CurlyMe Pre-cut 9x6 Lace M-cap Wear and Go Glueless hair with the Mini Knots in the Water Wave texture, 18 inches. This is my second unit from CurlyMe and I love the M-Cap! The water wave texture is so pretty. You get a lot of parting space. The lace is thin, I just had to use makeup so it matched my complexion. I love the removable combs and adjustable strap that come with this unit. I’m super impressed with the M-Cap units. I will be purchasing from CurlyMe again.

Aspasia G. 2023/12/5
This wig is really pretty! Has small knots, and no chemical smell. It's true to length. The knots bleached very well. The hair was really really soft.
4. Afro Curly 100% Human Hair Pre-Max Glueless Wig 
afro curly wig glueless

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Marcia Q. 2024/1/4
It's beautiful, easy to wash and manage It takes and holds curls perfectly. I've gotten so many compliments on this hair and I am very happy with my choice.

Abigail D. 2023/12/14
The wig is amazing !!! The wig is true to density and the lace is amazing !!! It's very much thick and full and the parting space is great for multiple styles.

Dominic V. 2023/12/20
The wig is so soft very light shedding. The lace is pre-bleached.. I love this wig and will order it again... when I wore it, I received so many compliments on it.
5. Highlight Colored Water Wave Pre-Max Wig 8-28 Inch
colored water wave glueless wig

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Delia R. 2023/12/31
This hair was a 10 out of 10 because there was no shedding and the highlights complemented my skin tone. The hair quality is extremely soft lace melting definitely was HD I would choose to shop from this company all the time I loved it.

Kim T. 2023/12/5
Everything about this wig was amazing. From the color to the length

Priscilla E. 2023/12/17
The hair is good, with no shedding at all, and can be worn glueless as the wig has adjustable straps.

Final Words

Say goodbye to the tedious preparation steps and hello to a transformative experience. Your beauty routine just got an upgrade, and it all starts with being "Already Prepared." Revitalize your look effortlessly – your Pre-Everything Wig is waiting.

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