From Natural to Vibrant: A Guide to Colors of Wigs

Selecting the appropriate wig color can aid in self-expression in addition to instantly changing the way you look. Since each person has a unique personality, so too do their preferred colors. From natural, traditional hues to vivid, aggressive hues, every color has their own allure. We'll present a few common wig colors today so you may choose the one that looks the best on you.

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Exploring Colors of CurlyMe Wigs

1. Natural Black
Natural black is the most classic color, and it is closest to the color of hair that grows naturally in most people. This color of wig not only looks very natural but also matches perfectly with all skin tones. At the same time, it is suitable for almost all occasion requirements, whether it is a formal academic conference, a graduation ceremony, or outdoor extreme sports and cocktail parties. If you want a choice that can't go wrong, natural black is definitely your best choice.
black wig color

2. Dark Brown
Dark brown is a slightly softer color, warmer, and more friendly than black. Dark brown wigs have the calmness of black, but also a natural and soft look. They are an ideal choice for many people who want to change their image without being too high-profile. This color wig is suitable for all seasons and has the effect of brightening the skin visually. It is a popular color wig choice at any time.
dark brown wig hair color

3. Reddish Brown
Reddish brown is a brown with a reddish hue that looks very warm and vibrant. This color is neither too ostentatious nor too dull, but can add a unique charm to your overall look. This color of wig is often considered a seasonal item because it is very close to the color of autumn maple leaves. When autumn and winter come, many fashionable people will choose this hair color to match their clothes.
reddish brown wig color

4. Burgundy Red
Burgundy is a deep and textured color, just like a bottle of vintage wine that has been collected for a long time, with a hint of mystery and countless surprises. This color will appear very shiny in the sun, especially on curly or wavy hair, which can increase the dynamic and layered feeling of the hairstyle. It gives people a mature, stable and textured feeling, suitable for women who want to try an elegant style.
99j burgundy red wig color

5. Light Ash Pink
This is a very fashionable and unique hair color, which combines soft pink and cool gray, which is sweet yet cold. This color is not as eye-catching as hot pink, but softer and more elegant, giving people a romantic and unique feeling. With the addition of gray tones, Light Ash Pink looks more modern and is very suitable for people who pursue fashion and personality.
pink hair color

6. Icy Blue
Icy blue is a cool-toned color that exudes a futuristic and unique sense of style. If you want to try something different, ice blue wigs are definitely worth a try. This color can always make people shine, and it is very suitable for seaside vacations, Halloween cosplay, and various festivals.
icy blue wig color

7. Honey Blonde
Honey blonde is a warm golden color with a touch of soft sheen. It is suitable for those who want to add some bright colors but don't want it to be too abrupt. It is suitable for all seasons. In spring, honey blonde makes people feel lively, in summer, it is lively and bright, and it is suitable for the harvest atmosphere in autumn. In winter, it gives people a warm feeling visually. This color wig is a versatile choice.
honey blonde hair color

8. 613 Blonde Color
613 gold is a very light golden color, almost close to platinum. The advantage of choosing this wig is that you don't need bleached wig knots because each hair strand is bleached. And it can also be dyed into any other color. It is a popular hair color every year, so you don't have to worry about it being outdated.
613 blonde wig color

9. 4/27 Highlight Beyonce Inspired Wig
#4 color refers to dark brown in wig colors, and 27 refers to honey blonde. This classic highlight color is inspired by Beyonce's classic style. There are many wig textures to choose from, among which straight and water wave are the most popular.
highlight wig color

10. Ginger Orange
Ginger orange is a vibrant color that combines the softness of ginger with the brightness of orange. This color is somewhere between red and orange, with gold and copper undertones. It is perfect for those who want to add a touch of vibrancy. Not only will it make you look more youthful, but it will also bring out your unique personality.

ginger orange wig color

Why Choose CurlyMe Colored Wigs

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Choosing the right wig color can greatly enhance your confidence and charm. I hope this guide can help you find the wig color that suits you best and show your best self. Recently, the CurlyMe brand is holding a summer season sale. Use summer as the code to enjoy an extra 12% discount. The range is not limited to color wigs. If you are considering investing in a new wig, you might as well consider it. I believe our products will not disappoint you.

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