How to Bleach Knots on a Wig: A Comprehensive Guide

Bleaching the knots on the wig is one of the crucial steps in achieving a natural and seamless look is. If you are new to this process or looking for tips to refine your technique, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of bleaching knots on a wig for a flawless and undetectable finish.

how to bleach wig knots

What are Wig Knots?

Wig knots are hair knots on a wig where each strand is tied onto the lace base hole. These knots play a crucial role in securing the hair to the lace, preventing hair fallout and excessive shedding. However, these black wig knots can make the wig appear unnatural, especially for lace front wigs and full lace wigs where the lace area is significant. To achieve a perfectly natural look, bleaching the knots is essential for both types of wigs. There are two main types of wig knots: single knots and double knots.

what are wig knots look like
Single Knots
  • Made with one strand of hair, single knots are the smallest knots, making them barely noticeable.
  • Provide a natural look to the wig's hairline and part.
  • Quick and easy to bleach.
  • However, they are more prone to shedding.
Double Knots
  • Made with two or more strands of hair, double knots are larger and more noticeable than single knots.
  • Require more effort to bleach compared to single knots.
  • Stronger than single knots, resulting in less shedding.

Wig manufacturers often strategically use both types of knots in the construction of wigs. For instance, single knots may be used around the hairline to achieve a natural appearance, while double knots are employed in the rest of the lace for increased strength and reduced shedding. This combination allows for a well-balanced wig that combines a realistic look with durability.

Why People Bleached Knots on Wig?

By bleaching the wig knots in to a lighter color, their visibility is minimized, resulting in a more natural and undetectable hairline. Properly bleached knots matter a lot in creating a hairline that closely resembles natural hair, as the absence of dark and visible knots prevents the lace wig from appearing artificial. This process facilitates a softer and more natural transition from the lace to the hair, ultimately elevating the aesthetic appeal of the human hair wig.

picture comparison between bleached knots and unbleached knots

How to Bleach Knots On a Wig: A Comprehensive Guide

how to bleach wig knots picture guide

Tools You May Need

  • BW 2# Powder(if you using other brands, remember to follow package instructions for proportions )
  • 30 or 40 Volume Developer(as your preferred)
  • Mix Bowl
  • Brush or Bread Knife(to evenly spread the mixture out)
  • A Pair of Disposable Gloves(protect your skin)

Step 1: Prepare the mixture
In a mixing bowl, combine BW 2 powder and 40 volume developer. Use two full scoops of BW 2 powder and start with one full scoop of the developer.

Step 2: Mix the mixture
Stir the mixture until it reaches a toothpaste-like consistency. If it's too crumbly, add half a scoop of developer at a time until it becomes smooth. Do not be too watery.

Step 3: Prepare the wig
Hold the wig securely using your thumb, pointer, and middle finger. Position it in a way that allows easy access to the knots.

Step 4: Apply the mixture
Dip a small brush applicator into the bleaching mixture. Apply the mixture to the knots, gently pressing it into the wig. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to prevent the bleach from seeping into the roots.

Step 5: Wait for 30 minutes
With the 40-volume developer, you need to monitor the bleaching process closely. Depending on the type and quality of the wig, you may need to leave the bleach on for about 30 minutes or less. Keep a close eye on the knots to prevent over-bleaching.

Step 6: Wash the wig
Once the desired level of bleaching is achieved, thoroughly rinse out the bleach from the wig. Shampoo the wig to remove any residue completely. Shampooing and conditioning will ensure that there is no bleach remains on the hair and repair the hair damage during the bleaching process.

Step 7: Pluck the wig (optional)
After bleaching, you may want to pluck the wig to achieve a more natural look. Use tweezers or a small pair of scissors to pluck away a small amount of hair from the hairline or parting area. Be cautious and take your time to achieve the desired density.

Step 8: Style the wig
Air dry the wig in a well-ventilate place. Style it as desired using heat tools or styling products.

Free Your Hands: Introducing CurlyMe Pre-bleached Knots Wig

If you have a busy schedule, are new to wigs, and worry about over-bleaching delicate lace or achieving the desired results, or if you are sensitive to chemicals, there is a better option for you: the CurlyMe Pre-bleached Mini Knots Wig. Whatever your needs may be, I believe it can cater to them.

pre-bleached knots wig human hair upgrade
Pros of Using a CurlyMe Pre-bleached Knots HD Lace Wigs 

1. Bleached by Processional
Each pre-bleached wig is processed by professional stylists to ensure every hair strand's knot undergoes careful bleaching, achieving a natural appearance. This professional technique aims to make the knots more discreet, presenting a more realistic look for your hair.

2. Pre-Cut Lace
For a more convenient wearing experience, our wear go series comes equipped with pre-cut zig-zag shape lace. Say goodbye to tedious trimming—simply put on your wig, and enjoy an instantly perfect fit.

3. Pre-Plucked Hairline
Breaking away from tradition, we have incorporated pre-plucking the hairline. Each hair strand is meticulously designed, creating a finer hairline that appears as if your hair naturally grows in those patterns.

4. HD Transparent Lace
CurlyMe's minimal knots wear go glueless wigs features delicate HD lace. Whether up close or at a distance, the lace is perfect melting on your hairline, seamlessly blending with your skin tone and creating a visually flawless look.

5. Glueless Application
Our pre-bleached knots wig eliminates the need for messy glues. The carefully designed secure structure ensures a firm fit, allowing you to move effortlessly in any setting.

silky straight pre-bleached wig human hair


Bleaching knots on a wig may seem hard at first, but with the right guidance and patience, you can achieve professional-looking results. Experiment, practice, and find the technique that works best for you!

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