Spring Twist Hair: How to Do It and How Long Does It Last

Spring twist hair is a charming and protective hairstyle, which is specially defined for black girls and Hip-Hop culture. If you are looking to switch up your look or give your natural hair a break, spring twist hair might be a great option for you. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of achieving this stunning spring twist hair!

how to do spring twist hair

What is Spring Twist Hair

Spring twist is an ouchless protective hairstyle crafted from tightly coiled hair extensions. It boasts a lightweight feel, a highly curly shape, and rich elasticity, resembling tightly wound springs. Hence, it's referred to as "spring twist." Spring twist hair amalgamates the aesthetic of twists with a vivacious curl pattern, suitable for any girl and can be fitted at any season. Like many protective styles for natural hair, it takes 6 to 8 hours to apply which is a long process but the end result is sure to amaze you.

what is spring twist hair

How to Do Spring Twist with Your Hair

  • Spring Twist Hair Extension
  • Leave In Conditioner
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Scissors
  • Hair Cream

Step 1: Preparing Your Hair
Start by washing and conditioning your natural hair. In order to not have a knotted mess by the time you get to the end of the twist, thoroughly detangle your hair before you begin the twisting process. Trim your hair to remove any split ends or damaged sections if desired.

Step 2: Installing the Spring Twist Hair
It is easier to work in sections. Start off with singling your own hair, braiding about an inch down, or whatever your preferred size. Next, take your spring twist hair and crochet it through the braid by using a crotchet hook. 2-4 pieces of spring twist are recommended and usually 3-6 packs can full a head . Then going to check which way the twist twists. Find the right direction, go ahead, and wrap around the base of the braid of few times. Just braiding and then transitioning into twisting. Keep repeat these steps until the extension is over. Finally, cut the final touches.

Step 3: Styling and Maintenance
Apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to your scalp and hair to keep it hydrated and healthy. Style your edges using a styling gel or edge control product for a sleek and polished look.

Step 4: Nighttime Care
Before bed, wrap your spring twists with a silk or satin scarf or use a satin pillowcase to prevent friction and maintain the style.


  • You must separate the hair individually before you started. Some hair bundles come pre-parted, while others don't. You can save the time of detangling spring-form hair by purchasing pre-parted spring hair.
  • To keep your natural hair moisturized, you can take a small amount of hair cream and apply it to the roots of the small section before twisting.

ombre spring twist hair
How Long Do Spring Twist Last?

A spring twist can last 3 weeks to 2 months, based on how much you like your hairstyle, how you care for it, how well you started your braids, and your hair texture. Be sure to moisturize your scalp and twists regularly. When it's time to remove the twists, carefully unravel them in the reverse order they were installed.

Are Spring Twists And Passion Twists The Same?

Spring twists and passion twists have a strikingly similar appearance and are often installed using similar methods. But they are not exactly the same People often confuse the differences between the two. In reality, passion twists have a more curled texture in their extensions, and they lack the same level of springiness as spring twists. Additionally, passion twists tend to have looser ends. Spring twists exhibit a coiled and springy look, while passion twists offer a more distinct and textured appearance due to the blend of curls and twists.

What is the difference between spring twist and passion twist

Spring twists are typically created using a spring-like coiling technique, where sections of natural hair are twisted with synthetic hair extensions that have a coiled or springy texture. This creates a bouncy and voluminous look, similar to a tightly curled coil. Spring twists tend to be smaller in diameter compared to passion twists.

Passion twists with a more defined appearance. They are created by twisting sections of natural hair with hair extensions that have a wavy or curly texture.Passion twists are often larger in diameter than spring twists, and they can resemble a combination of traditional box braids and twists.

Spring Twist Hairstyle Inspirations

Spring twist hair typically comes in a variety of colors and lengths, allowing you the freedom to design according to your mood and outfits. Here are some spring twist hairstyle inspirations:

1. Half-up Half-down 99j Burgundy Spring Twist Hair

half up spring twist hairstyle

2.Half-up Half-down Highlight Spring Twist Hair 

spring twist hairstyle

3. Purple Red Spring Twist Hair

Purple Red Ombre Spring Twist Hair

4. Blonde Spring Twist with Two Buns

blonde spring twist with two buns

5. Honey Blonde Ombre Spring Twist Hairombre honey blonde spring twist hair



Spring twist hair can elevate your look and protect your natural hair. With the careful execution, you can enjoy this stylish and low-maintenance hairstyle for weeks on end. Give it a try and you will never feel disappoint!

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