35 Easy Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Curly hair is a beautiful and versatile texture that allows for countless styling options. Black women, in particular, showcase the stunning diversity of curly hairstyles. Whether you have natural curls, coils, or waves, embracing your hair's unique texture can lead to a plethora of creative and quick styling ideas. In this blog post, we will explore tips for maintaining curly hair and 35 easy and stylish curly hairstyles tailored specifically for black women.

curly hairstyles for black women

8 Tips for Taking Care of Curly Hair

1. Hydration is key: Curly hair needs proper hydration to maintain its curl and prevent frizz. Look for products with hydrating ingredients and avoid silicone-heavy products that can create buildup.

2. Embrace the frizz: Frizz is a natural part of curly hair, so don't see it as the enemy. However, if you want to minimize frizz, consider using a bit of air-dry cream or edge control to calm it down.

3. Learn how to refresh your curls: Instead of washing and conditioning your hair daily, learn how to refresh your curls on day two and beyond. A conditioning mist can help detangle and revive your curls.

4. Sleep with your hair appropriately: To prevent frizz and breakage, avoid sleeping with your hair down. You can loosely tie your hair in a top knot using a silk scrunchie or wear a silk bonnet to protect your hair from rubbing against your body heat and bedding.

5. Use a repairing moisturizing mask: Especially during seasonal changes or in hotter climates, curly hair may need more hydration. Incorporate a moisturizing mask into your routine to keep your curls healthy and hydrated.

6. Be mindful of product layering: Use multiple layers of products when styling your curly hair to achieve consistent results. Start with a conditioning mist, then add a serum and air-dry cream. Make sure your hair is saturated with enough product to prevent frizz.

7. Use sulfate-free shampoo: Curly hair tends to dislike sulfates, so opt for sulfate-free shampoos to avoid drying out your hair.

8. Learn how to set your curls: Experiment with different curl-setting techniques such as finger coils, twists, or using handkerchiefs. Find the method that works best for your hair to enhance your natural texture.

35 Easy Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

1. Mid Length Curly Hairstyles With Bangs
hairstyles with curly hair and bangs
2. Side Fringe 
curly bangs hairstyle
3. Half Up Half Down
curly half up half down hairstyles
4. Grey Short Curly Bob Hair
short hairstyles for curly grey hair
5. Shoulder Length Highlight Burgundy Red Hair with Layer
burgundy red shoulder length curly hairstyles with layers
6. Wet Curly Hair with Head Scarf
hairstyles for wet curly hair
7. Braids with Beads
braids with beads
8. Side Part Curly Bob
side part curly hair
9. Baddie Style Braid Curly Hair
braid ponytail curly hair
10. Pink Braids with Curly Ends
pink box braids hairstyles with curly ends
11. Knotless Braids with High Bun
knotless braids with curly ends
12. Curly Ponytail with Weave
13. Braid Pigtail for Thinning Curly Hair
curly hairstyle for thinning hair
14. Bantu Knots
bantu knots on natural curly hair
15. Blonde Highlight Half Double Bun Hair
half double bun hair
16. High Puff 
two tone color puff
17. Shoulder Length Low Ponytail
low ponytail medium length curly hair
18. Curly Hair with Headband
headband bob haircut
19. Honey Brown Wavy Curly Hair
side part honey brown wavy curly hair
20. Cute Twist Back Long Curly Hairstyle
cute curly twist back long curly hair
21. Finger Coil Curly Hair with Bangs
short curly bob with bangs
22. Curly and Braided Hairstyle
frontal braid curly hair
23. Tiny Coil Afro
24. Double Frontal Ponytail
double frontal ponytail
25. Three Strand Braiding Curly Hair
highlight braiding curly hair
26. Highlight Blonde Layer Cut 
layer blonde curly hair
27. Afro Curly with Bangs
brown curly afro
28. Easy Curly Braid Ponytail
braid hairstyles with curly ponytail
29. Double Low Bun Cute Curly Hairstyle
 double low bun
30. Wedding Curly Hairstyle
wedding hairstyle
31. Half Up Half Down Bob Curly Haircut
half up half down bob cut
32. Honey Blonde with Pink Highlight Wet Look
curly wet look
33. Black Curly Hair Easy Updo
34. Side Part Curly Hair with Baby Hair
medium length side part curly hair
35. Blonde High Pigtails
blonde high pigtails

How to Get Stunning Curly Hair Curls

Use Curl Enhanced Products on Natural Curly Hair
Curl-enhanced styling products such as frizz control, hair gel, curling foam can significantly enhance and define your natural curls, providing a boost to your overall hairstyle.

Wearing Wigs
Human hair wigs offer a non-permanent and versatile way to achieve curly hair. You can choose curly wigs that match your desired style, and it allows you to experiment with different looks without committing to a permanent change. Proper care for both your natural hair and the wig is essential to maintain healthy hair while using wigs regularly.

Crochet  Braids
Crochet braids involve attaching curly hair extensions to your natural hair using a crochet needle. This method is protective and allows you to achieve various curly styles without the need for heat or chemicals. Crochet styles are relatively low maintenance and can be customized to suit your preferences in terms of curl pattern and length.

Sew-in Weaves
Sew-in weaves involve attaching bundles of curly hair extensions to your natural hair by braiding it and sewing the extensions onto the braids. This method provides a seamless and natural look with added volume and length. It's important to have sew-ins done by a professional stylist to ensure a secure and comfortable installation.

Use Flexi Rods or Curlformers
Flexi rods are a heatless styling tool that can be used to create bouncy and defined curls. To achieve curly hair with flexi rods, you wrap sections of damp hair around the rods and allow them to air-dry or use a hooded dryer. While curlformers are cylindrical, hair styling tools that come in various sizes to create different curl patterns. The using method is as same as flexi rods.

human hair curly wigs


Whether you prefer a low-maintenance wash-and-go style or love experimenting with bold and creative looks, there's a curly hairstyle to suit every mood and occasion.

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