13x4 vs 13x6 wig: What is the Difference and How to Choose

Among the fashion wig world, 13x4 and 13x6 lace wigs have gained popularity. These wigs both utilize lace bases but come with distinct design and usage characteristics. In this blog post, we'll delve into the definitions of 13x4 and 13x6 lace wigs, highlight the differences between the two, and provide guidance on how to select the ideal option for your needs.

13x4 lace front wig vs 13x6

What is a 13x4 Lace Wig?

what is 13x4 wig

A 13x4 lace wig is a type of wig that features a patch of lace at the front position. The "13x4" designation refers to the dimensions of the lace frontal piece, This means that the lace on the wig covers a 13-inch width along your forehead and offers 4 inches of depth from the hairline backward.

The purpose of the lace frontal is to create a natural-looking hairline and parting area, allowing you to style the wig as if it were your own hair. The lace material mimics your scalp, and hair strands are artificially tied into each lace hole. It gives the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp, making the wig appear more realistic. 13x4 lace front wigs are popular for their versatility in styling and their ability to provide a natural and undetectable appearance at the front of the head.

What is a 13x6 Lace Wig?

what is 13x6 wig

A 13x6 lace wig, on the other hand, has a lace frontal that spans 13 inches across the front hairline and extends 6 inches from the hairline towards the crown. This extra 2 inches of lace compared to the 13x4 wig provides even more flexibility when it comes to parting and styling your hair. You can create deeper and wider partings, style your hair in various ways, and achieve a more natural-looking hairline due to the increased lace coverage.

Difference Between 13x4 and 13x6 Wigs

1. Style Versatility
The size of the lace determines the width and length of the parting space on the wig. A larger lace area, such as the lace front 13x6, provides more versatility in terms of styling options. The extra lace allows for wider and longer partings. You can create larger sections of hair to style, giving you the freedom to try different looks with a more natural appearance.

2. Price
Due to the higher cost of lace material and the labor-intensive process of hand-tying hair into the lace, a 13x6 lace front wig is typically priced higher than a 13x4 lace front wig. For wigs of the same length, density, and texture, the price of a 13x6 wig often ranges from $10 to $50 more than that of a 13x4 wig, depending on whether you choose HD lace or transparent lace.

3. Comfort and Breathability
The size of the lace can also impact the comfort and breathability of the wig. A larger lace area, like the lace front 13*6, allows for better airflow to the scalp, keeping it cool and preventing excessive sweating.

13x4 lace front wig vs 13x6

13x4 vs. 13x6 Wig: How to Choose

Consider Your Styling Preferences
If you prefer simple styles with occasional variations, a 13x4 lace wig may suffice.
If you love experimenting with different looks and want more styling options, opt for a 13x6 lace wig.

Naturalness of Appearance
If achieving a natural-looking hairline is your priority, both options work well, but the 13x6 offers a slight edge.

Hair Styling Option
If you want a hairstyle with a long center or side part, the 13x6 option is the best choice. This 2 inches of extra part space gives you even more freedom and flexibility, allowing you to create a variety of styles, including half-up buns, with relative ease. Even though the parts are spaced differently, the care and installation instructions for these two lace front wigs are often the same.

Budget and Comfort
13x4 wigs are generally more affordable than 13x6 wigs.
Consider your budget and how long you plan to wear the wig comfortably.

Skill Level
13x6 wigs may require more expertise in wig application and customization due to their larger lace area.

Hairstyles for Lace Front Wig

Straight Lace Frontal Wig with Two High Buns

lace front wig hairstyle

Middle Part Body Wave Wig with Baby Hair

lace front wig hairstyles

Dark Brown Lace Frontal Wig with Braids

lace wig hairstyles

613 Blonde Side Part Wig

blonde wig hairstyle

FAQs about Lace Front Wigs

Q1: How Long Do Lace Front Wigs Last
A: In general, a well-cared-for lace front wig made from 100% human hair can last anywhere from several months to a few years. Human hair wigs, with proper care, tend to have a longer lifespan compared to synthetic wigs.

Q2: How Long Can You Wear a Lace Front Wig?
A: The length of time you can wear a lace front wig in a single application depends on various factors, including the type of adhesive used, your skin's sensitivity, and your comfort level. Generally, people wear lace front wigs for anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks before needing to remove and reapply them.

Q3: How to Apply a Lace Front Wig


Both options offer their unique advantages, and understanding the differences outlined in this blog post will empower you to make an informed decision that aligns with your individual needs and style goals. So, whether you opt for the versatility of a 13x6 wig or the natural look of a 13x4 wig, you'll be ready to rock your new hairstyle with confidence!

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