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In the hot summer, we offer a lot of discounts, the most cost-effective of which is a 50% discount. This is definitely the best activity of the year. Be sure to seize this opportunity to buy your favorite hair.

In addition, we have all kinds of preferential activities all the time.

1,If you are the first time to come to our store, Please subscribe to CurlyMe, because you will get the first $5 discount code after subscription, and you can use it directly to purchase products. The discount code will be emailed to your E-mail. 


2,When you buy our products, there will be another discount code for you. You can take a picture and post a comment in our comment column, and click on the five-star rating. You can get a new $5 discount code and use it next time.Similarly, the discount code will be sent to your E-mail.




That's all?  No!!!

3,We believe you must be a photo-loving girl. We believe that your beauty will attract many fans for you. Therefore, by sharing Curly MeHair on social platforms and collecting compliments, you can get a discount code of up to $10. The more compliments you collect, the higher the reward you get.

4,In addition, you can also provide us with your homemade video, which will be directly rewarded with $20 to $100!!

You can contact our customer service directly or send an email to “ “.

If you have other cooperation or problems, you can contact us by the above way.

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